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Who’s behind Idealist Consulting?

We believe in honest human connections in our work, which can be hard when we work in technology and most of our clients are scattered across America. So in one of our recent office...

Purchasing Charity Auction Software: A Beginner’s Guide

This blog post was written by Karrie Wozniak, mobile fundraising expert and Vice President of Sales & Marketing at BidPal, a leading mobile fundraising software company that helps...

The beauty of using Salesforce’s Engagement Plans for donor engagement

Along with the announcement that Salesforce was renaming their Nonprofit Starter Pack to the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) late last year, was the addition of a plethora of new...

3 ways to use Salesforce automation to be more efficient

Need a reminder to follow up with a potential lead after one week? Want to create a real-time notification when your organization has a brand new member? It’s possible with Salesforce’...

Infographic: 6 steps to successful email campaigns

If your marketing strategy heavily depends on email marketing, you’re not alone. With 80% of marketers putting email at the core of their strategy, it’s important to optimize all parts...


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