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Why attending inspiring events like TEDx is good for your career

Last Saturday, instead of my typical lazy weekend routine of scrambled eggs and library storytime with my baby, I headed downtown. I spent the day attending TEDx Portland with fellow...

Two options for tracking donations in NPSP

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack was built to be a flexible platform. However, sometimes it can be too flexible, allowing for multiple options that can make it hard to choose how...

5 tips for navigating a Salesforce World Tour event

Last Tuesday, April 4th, we hit the streets of Washington D.C. to explore the Salesforce World Tour: DC (think Dreamforce, but regionally-focused). This year the event was smaller than...

Who’s behind Idealist Consulting?

We believe in honest human connections in our work, which can be hard when we work in technology and most of our clients are scattered across America. So in one of our recent office...

Purchasing Charity Auction Software: A Beginner’s Guide

This blog post was written by Karrie Wozniak, mobile fundraising expert and Vice President of Sales & Marketing at BidPal, a leading mobile fundraising software company that helps...


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