Recent accouncements of what's new internally at Idealist Consulting

Sneak Peek: Upcoming Webinar - Community Engagement: 3 Ways to Harness the Power of Your Nonprofit Network

Spring has arrived and there’s a spring in our step as we’re nearing an exciting webinar with our friends from Classy and The Mission Continues that will help you maximize your...

Here Comes the Salesforce Spring ‘16 Release!

The brighter days of spring are ushering in fantastic updates from Salesforce! Love and feature enhancements are in the air, and we’ve fallen head over heels for the Spring ‘16 release...

Sneak Peek: Upcoming Webinar - Salesforce Basics for the Accidental Admin: NPSP edition

This January, we're hosting the next installment of our  Accidental Admin series; webinars designed specifically for those working on the Nonprofit Starter Pack with minimal Salesforce...

How Portland is leading the nation in social responsibility

It’s no secret that Portland is having a capital-m-Moment right now. Every time you blink there’s another New York Times article about our fabulous taxidermy stores and corned beef...

New Whitepaper: How to put together a CRM budget and pitch it to your boss

Nonprofits and small to medium businesses constantly run into tough budgetary decisions: get a new accounting tool or new computers. Hire a coordinator or find a technical solutions to...


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