What we do

Our mission is to help your organization adopt technology that increases your impact. We guide you through complex projects and help you build relationships through CRM, marketing automation, and application development. With over ten years of Salesforce consulting experience and consistent top ratings on the AppExchange, our ultimate goal is to transcend the public-private sector divide and boost social impact for everyone we work with.

what we do
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What "idealist" means to us

An idealist is a person who looks beyond what "is" and focuses on what could be. Idealists are the leaders and innovators of our communities. We, too, are idealists, yet we are grounded in pragmatism to help you make an impact every day. Through our integrated philanthropy efforts (Pay It Forward Program, Social Impact Awards, and The Engagement Party) we make it possible for you to strengthen your organization while serving the greater good. 

Where we came from

Born of a strong business acumen and Peace Corps values, Idealist Consulting has been working since 2006 to help you make greater impact in your organization and the world. We are powered by strong cultural values and choose to do business as a B Corporation. Headquartered on Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

where we came from

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