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App Development
You have a great idea for an application but need a team of experienced developers to make it happen. We help you transform your great idea into an application that will grow your business. We take you through planning, building, and supporting your app: including Lightning components and more.

  • Implementation
    Plot out and build your app
  • Needs Assessment
    Uncover unknowns and reduce risk for your app
  • Support
    Post-launch support for your app

With our application implementation services we provide comprehensive services from development to publication.

Development: We can build your Salesforce app from scratch or upgrade it to Lightning.

Testing & Debugging: We'll beta test the application and give it a full security review. Finally, you'll get to test out the application to make sure it's acceptable for your organization or business.

After it's been fully tested and approved we'll publish the application for you on the AppExchange.

Before you can build an application, you need a plan. With our needs assessment you will receive a full scope of work including costs and timelines.
Timeline: We'll send you a full deployment calendar with allocated labor to let you plan effectively.
Scope: In every project we take on we make sure to provide a detailed description of work that defines development deliverables so you know exactly what you'll receive.
Budget: We know and understand that every organization and business works off a budget. We'll send you all our expected costs for building and supporting your application.

We're there for your team with dedicated post-launch support services to ensure you see impact with your new application. Once the application is complete you will need to support it. With our support services you will receive all the collateral and a detailed solution and process to help you manage the app.

Solutions: We'll build a case management system to manage bugs, integration issues and roadmap.

Process: We'll build and outline a process to manage tiered escalation for any support cases you may have.

Resources: We'll provide your app with support from our certified staff to manage your cases.

Collateral: You'll receive a map of your ERD, wireframes and workflows.

Rhode Island Land Trust Council

Land trusts improve efficiency and communication by building a custom app

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iATS and Idealist Consulting team up to build a Salesforce app that supports one-time and recurring payments for nonprofits.

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"Idealist Consulting knows and understands the nonprofit Salesforce ecosystem because it’s their job to help nonprofits make the most of the Salesforce platform. Their development skills and insider’s knowledge gained from dealing with the nonprofit sector on a daily basis was a great help in determining which features are important to add and enhance in a rapidly changing environment."

-iATS Payments