Thank you for your interest in our guest blog program. We welcome guest submissions from industry experts. Please read through these guidelines and contact if you are interested in submitting a post.


Nonprofits, small-medium businesses, and government


  • Common questions related to CRM such as:
    • How do you do X
    • What X means for you
    • What you need to know about X
    • Why you need to know about X

(Example: What small businesses need to know about marketing automation)

  • Solution Adoption (i.e. How to use Eventbrite for event management under 100 people) 
  • Solution Best Practice (i.e. The top three ways to facilitate a email campaign for an auction) 
  • Solution Feature Release (i.e. Click and Pledge releases a new peer-to-peer fundraising app, here's what you need to know) 
  • Reactions to trending topics such as wearable technology and what it means for our audience
  • Crossover stories between public/private sector

Other details

  • We prefer new content that has not been previously published, but also accept excerpts that link back to your original post as long as you write a new intro paragraph + title. 
  • Preferred length is 500-800 words
  • Tone should be engaging and not too technical, and provide clear takeaways and actionable steps 
  • Post must be edited before submission, provide clear Call-to-Action, and link to relevant industry sources as appropriate
  • Idealist Consulting reserves the right to edit all submissions

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