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Marketing Automation
You started with all the free tools and smart people you could find, but you need better segmentation, prospect intelligence, email automation, and CRM integration in order to grow. We get it, and we can help. Our certified Pardot and Marketing Cloud consultants will help you transition to a marketing automation strategy that will show results and strengthen your relationships. You focus on the people, we’ll focus on the technology.

  • Implementation
    Build and grow your communications
  • Needs Assessment
    Uncover unknowns and reduce risk for your most complex projects.
  • Custom Integration
    Centralize your experience by integrating complex applications.
  • Support
    Admin support and training to increase user adoption.

Whether you're brand new to marketing automation or have had it for a few years and need help developing your integration and strategy, we can help. We help navigate you through prospect scoring, drip campaigns and email automation, lead generation and nurturing, CRM integration, segmentation, social integration, ROI reports, and more. We specialize in "marketing automation lite" solutions such as Predictive Response and more robust solutions such as Pardot and Marketing Cloud.

Get up and running quickly.

Audit and grow your existing marketing automation platform.

For large technology projects, it's not enough to set requirements and go with the cheapest vendor: you need to have a smart roadmap built by someone with strong technological chops. With our assessment services, you will receive a powerpoint or document that you can use to sell your project internally, including user story documentation, pain points, goals, current systems, project plan, budget, and timelines.


For marketing automation implementations you need to partner with an organization who has the technical expertise to take you beyond just solution implementation. Our assessment services support walking you through constituent scoring methodologies, drip campaign best practices, journey mapping, landing page building, and online form optimization. This is facilitated through identifying current pain points, creating personas, detailing goals and associated ROI, project planning, budgeting, and setting timelines.

We will connect your data securely and customize to your requirements. With complex applications, it is not enough to copy and paste data; you need a customized integration executed by skilled programmers who will dive in and translate your documentation into the marketing automation environment through point-to-point coding, middleware, or a manual import. We consider data security and storage in our solutions.

We're there for your team with dedicated training and support to ensure you see impact with your new tools.

Admin Support: You get a direct channel to one skilled consultant with developer and/or admin expertise, for as much time as you need: 1/4, 1/2, full time or customized to your needs. Great for organizations who need dependable, regular access to an admin every week for ongoing tasks such as campaign management, drip campaign strategy, list management, form maintenance, and reporting.

Custom Training: For those times when a one-size-fits-all YouTube video just doesn't cut it, we provide individualized training that starts with a quick audit of how you're using the solution, then leads to either system updates to meet best practices or customized training.

Admin Support
Your on-demand marketing automation support, how and when you need it.

Custom Training
Marketing automation training tailored to your needs

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“Throughout the Pardot implementation process, Idealist Consulting was on top of things, great communicators, no job is too little, and they are just a well-oiled machine. The team has delivered on point and on time. This was everything we could hope for in an engagement.”

Matt Bowman
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