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Marketing Automation Comparison Report

In this whitepaper you will learn about the top 4 marketing automation platforms within the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Forms for Nonprofits 101: how to use web-based forms in your organization

In this whitepaper you will get an in-depth look into how you can use web-based forms across all departments in your nonprofit to increase productivity and streamline your processes.

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Mass Email Comparison Report: compare mass email solutions for Salesforce

In this whitepaper, you will learn features, pricing, and differentiators for what we consider the best mass email platforms options currently available for Salesforce.

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Mass Email to Marketing Automation - A Roadmap Infographic

We created a roadmap for how organizations can grow alongside their email and marketing automation tools. Here's what that journey can look like.

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Salesforce on a Shoestring: how to pick the apps your small business needs

After a decade of consulting with small businesses, we’ve found that the old adage still rings true: working smarter rather than harder is the key to successfully growing your company. In this whitepaper we go over common business issues and the apps that will help you address them, plus action steps and industry best practices to make sure you stay on track.

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Be Prepared, Not Scared: strategies for technology change

Every organization goes through a technology change at some point; how your organization handles that change determines its long-term viability. Everything from employee happiness to customer retention is dependent upon the smooth functioning of your technological infrastructure. Our actionable strategies for technology change will help you create the best environment possible for achieving your organizational goals.

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Marketing Automation 101: what it can do for nonprofits

By exploring how technology can automate your marketing and communication processes, you are on the cutting edge. Most organizations aren't here yet, but if you can start setting up a foundation for using marketing automation at your nonprofit, you will see incredible returns in the next few years.

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How to Create a CRM Budget: what to expect and how to pitch it to your team

As a nonprofit or small/medium business, you have constant budgetary demands: get a new accounting tool or new computers? Hire a coordinator, or try to find a technical solution to automate so you can get by with fewer staff? In this whitepaper you will learn how you can bust through the noise and convince your boss it’s worth it to invest in a CRM like Salesforce.

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Deduplication Infographic: see how common data management tools stack up

We reviewed two common data management tools: DemandTools and Cloudingo. See how they stack up against each other for managing duplicates and more.
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