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How to turn small donors into larger ones

When Trump was unexpectedly elected president in November 2016, there was a lot of immediate talk over how nonprofits would struggle under his leadership. The independent Tax Policy...

Get That Lovin’ Feeling Back at Work

Roses are red, violets are blue, I really love the work I get to do!   Our work lives can be very romantic and I don’t mean this in the get-HR-involved kind of way. I mean this in the...

Go fish: capture more donors with online donation forms

When I was 9 years old my dad planned a fishing trip for us to Detroit Lake in Oregon. We left early one morning to set up camp beside the lake and get the boat on the water before the...

The Healthy CRM: 5 Data Management Best Practices

Welcome to our series The Healthy CRM, a boot camp for your CRM processes. Once a month in 2017, we’re going to help you get your CRM into shape with a healthy dose of best practices...

Keep the Money Flowing: Payment Processing & Recurring Gifts

This post was written by Patricia O’Connor, Partner Account Manager at iATS Payments. Patricia joined iATS Payments in March 2015 with the sole focus of building relationships with...


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